Saturn Moon

Saturn Moon is launched! 

You guys will soon see a much more personal side of me. I’ve always been faceless on the internet. That’s about to change. This time, it’s a personal website. 

Saturn-Moon is a modern-day time capsule. It’s a website/blog on how to live differently. We will discuss ways to live wisely in the 20s, and how to be smart and creative. We will focus on college experience, lifestyles, and early experiences on the job. We’re going to focus on making a positive impact on the world. Man does not live to survive. We’re here to live, contribute, and dream. 

The world could be a better place, and it still can be. We are all here to do our part, and here at Saturn-Moon, we will do ours. 

Thank you for visiting Saturn-Moon, and please visit back in a few weeks when our website is improved and more-complete. We’re building out every day, and more content will be added daily! 

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