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Satire’s Galore: Welcome to YAW – Yet Another Website. 

Saturn-Moon exists to fill a void that 75 million other websites cannot fill. We somehow have magically awesome unique content to bring. We certainly have something that you’ve never seen before. Only Saturn-Moon can be the perfect website you’ve always been looking for. 

To value ourselves adequately, we’re putting up a paywall. You may view one free page per year. This page counts towards that limit. Afterwards, it’s $1/page. Push notifications will be sent to your phone and your desktop daily. Adblock is prohibited. We will display a Cookie law notice twice (just in case you didn’t catch the point the first time). We will also put a mandatory delay of five seconds on page loads to ensure that you’re not a bot. And best of all, we will ask for your email and send you hourly updates so that you never miss an article!

Sound familiar? That’s the internet of 2020. It didn’t used to be like this. You can seldom visit a website without push notifications, autoplay ads, and constant nagging for email subscriptions. 

Saturn-Moon will not be like this. 

You are visiting a blog that is under construction. New content is being added daily! You can help us by telling those you know about Saturn-Moon and by linking back to us. We will never ask for paywalls. We currently have no ads, no email subscriptions, and no annoying popups. We’ve done it simple – the way the web should be. 

Bare with us as we continue to build this website, and stay tuned. More updates coming!