American Culture and the Coronavirus

America quickly became the epicenter of the Coronavirus epidemic worldwide. We are now the leader in Coronavirus cases by a wide margin. Initially, we believed that we were invincible. We were convinced that this was China’s problem, or that this was Europe’s problem. Therefore, it can not possibly be ours. 

Even after the statistics have been mind-blowing and jaw-dropping, America remains compacent. We do not have mandatory face-mask restrictions in place. Stay-at-home orders remain voluntary in the vast majority of cases. And golf courses are still “essential” businesses. The statistics speak for themselves. We simply have not taken the gravity of the situation into account.  

My hometown on the North Carolina coastline seems to be an exception. I had planned on traveling for the holidays. Upon seeing the restrictions, along with the prevalence of the virus and its impact, we decided against it. And yet my town has been less hit than many surrounding areas largely because the city opted to enact additional restrictions on top of the state-wide restrictions. Stay at home orders are enforced. Parks and beaches are closed. There truly is nothing to do except to stay at home. If you don’t comply, police are on the streets to address your non-compliance. You have no choice but to follow orders. As a result, this town has been significantly less hit than many of the surrounding cities and metropolitan areas. 

Sadly, this indeed appears to be the exception rather than the rule. All across America, the attitude remains that we are invincible. It cannot possibly affect us. Unfortunately, the jobless count has risen to 22 million (according to the New York Times). This is the highest that America’s unemployment rate has been since the Great Depression. 

And yet, Ww still believe we remain invincible. We’re convinced that we are above it all. However, pride goes before a fall. History has shown that it repeats itself, time and time again.  

America is in need of prayer.

Not only for God’s hand to be on this nation, but for our culture to step outside of its fallible belief that it cannot be touched by the forces of nature. We caused this problem, and we will have to face the consequences. 

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