Rest in Peace, Breonna Taylor

Breonna Taylor (a 26-year old medical technician who was killed in her sleep during March) has been a closely watched story for several months. The court case has been followed very broadly in the recent weeks, and Louisville is under a state of emergency in response to the grand jury ruling. Today, that ruling was made: Only one officer was indicted, and it was on a relatively unrelated charge. Sadly, justice has not truly been served. 

This indictment was for only one of the three officers involved in the March apartment raid, and was for the unrelated charge of firing bullets and risking neighbor’s property. If convicted guilty by the court, this charge that carries 1-5 years in jail and does not mention Breonna Taylor, and is completely unrelated to her killing.  It does not feel as though justice was served. Manslaughter would have been a much more appropriate and just indictment. 

Makestation and Saturn-moon both support our first responders, men and women in uniform, and our government officials. However, we also strongly believe in racial equality. Racism has no place in our society. When the government officials, first responders, and court officials show racial prejudice, we believe it is society’s job to speak out on the behalf of those for whom discrimination has affected. Sadly, when discrimination and sytematic racism arise, they are often a symptom of cultural prejudice at a much deeper level, and it must be addressed on a large, society-wide scale.

In this case, we feel the story of Breonna Taylor is exceptionally tragic. We pray that she one day will receive the justice she deserves. In the meantime, I stand in solidarity with the movement to end systematic racism in our society, and offer my condolences.

Rest in Peace, Breonna Taylor.